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On Homemaking
"I love living with my mummy and daddy, I love cooking and cleaning. So I am happy to travel, though sometimes it is a little boring."
On Israeli Life
"People get a funny impression of Israel from the television," she says. "They think you don't go out, you don't even walk in the street because people can just blow themselves up. It is not really like that. You have to keep going. We don't sit around not doing things, just crying."
On Being Tough
"I don't lie awake at night worrying, but each time something happens, each time there is a threat, it does something to you. Everyone in Israel is very aware of security. Each time you get on a bus, you look around, you check, you have to be aware."
On Religion
"I am a religious girl"

On doing Shevet Leumi
Until a year ago, religious girls did not do military service - there were problems with the clothes, the boys. So I taught hyperactive children and those from poor neighborhoods and I helped Ethiopians who had just arrived in Israel to learn Hebrew."
On Being a Supermodel
"I like the idea of being a supermodel," she says. "It would be fun to be famous, so long as I didn't lose my private life. And I like modeling: the clothes, the make-up and having my hair done. There are many places I want to see -- Switzerland, France, Brazil -- and I would like to save some money and buy a flat so that, when I am a student, I don't have to work. But I won't be disappointed if it doesn't work out.



Photo Gallery 1

Photo Gallery 2

Photo Gallery 3

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